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Adverse business results can be reversed through the identification of factors that are responsible for failures in a business. We provide advisory and consultancy services to clients in order to maximize their understanding of business antics. We offer prospects and also possible threats to our clients’ businesses.

Some of the advisory services we offer include;


Financial and Management Consultancy

We are dedicated to providing financial planning for any business. Our goal is to implement and manage financial plans on an on-going and proactive basis. We have been engaged as Financial and Management Consultants to various Government Organizations. Some of the elements of financial management which we provide are listed below;

• Cost control studies
• Design and review of costing system
• Financial forecasting and planning
• Overhead cost reduction, management and control
• Treasury Management
• Business appraisal and feasibility studies
• Financial controls and system development
• Effective financial management training
• Strategic financial planning and control


Revenue/Debt Verification and Recovery

We specialize in ethical and professional recovery of debts. Our staff are trained to adopt professional strategies, respect, integrity, and empathy and compliance with applicable laws in carrying out debt and revenue recovery. We offer an adequate collection service that can be trusted.

We keep our clients informed of all developments on its accounts and render appropriate advisory services.

Specific recovery services rendered by the firm include;

• Recovery of the illegally debited funds by banks at no extra cost
• Recovery of denied interest incomes
• Ascertaining actual Value of Balances on Loans and Overdrafts / credit reporting


Energy and Public Infrastructure Advisory

Our team provides high value-added advisory services to meet the needs of clients in oil & gas, power, transport, and other related infrastructure sectors. We have developed innovative strategies and programs that ensure sustainable energy and infrastructure service delivery and promote economic growth. Our services include;

  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Transaction advisory
  • Transaction audit
  • PPP advisory
  • Master planning
  • Feasibility study
  • Business plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Institutional development and reform
  • Legal and Regulatory analysis



We provide specialist service in receivership, liquidation, auctioneering and general business advisory services. Many organizations are focused on short term issues such as reducing cost or overheads and reducing current financial risk forgetting that it is also important to consider opportunities that will give growth and increasing efficiency for long term standing and a greater market share.

We however take a precise and structured approach to helping organizations improve performance and productivity by examining everything from the daily activities that impact on the business up to the managerial input, pointing out loop holes while recognizing opportunities and required direction for growth and development.

We offer objective advice and new insights to help our clients achieve their goals and keep them in business.

Some of our advisory services are;

• Resuscitation and Management of ailing business
• Fund sourcing – assistance with selection of the optimum sources of finance
• Profit management
• Business planning and registration
• Receivership and liquidation


Data Management Services

Due to the rapid growth in technology, we understand that a company should grow past a manual system of operations. Some of the computerized services we offer include;

• Deployment of electronic payment solution
• Computerization of Systems
• Computerization of payroll
• Computerization of Tax systems
• Advice on software, hardware and computer vendors to be used
• Accounting Software selection, training and implementation


Business Process Re-Engineering

We carry out detailed investigation into certain areas of our clients’ organization. A company with dwindling fortune can be revamped by carrying out the recommendations we usually give on prudent financial and operational management. Below are some of the areas we place emphasis on during investigations;

• The size of the organization
• Quality of staff
• Existence and extent of internal control procedures
• Custody of assets and sensitive documents
• Authorization procedures
• Cash management procedures
• Examination of liquidity, profitability, short/long term solvency ratios and other relevant ratios
• Managerial supervision and review



The objectives of any organization can only be achieved with the availability of well trained and competent staff. There is need to continually update the knowledge of staff through a well-structured training program.

We offer training programs in some of the following areas;

• Target setting and performance management
• Pre-retirement
• Executive stress management
• Work ethics, attitude and productivity enhancement
• Effective management of registry, proper record keeping and document handling
• General Bookkeeping
• Preparation of Budgets
• Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements
• Fixed Assets Accounting
• Treasury Management
• Stock Accounting and Stack controls
• Public Sector Accounting etc.